The last month has been a pleasant whirlwind of events celebrating our favorite daughter.

Following the IB exams, AIS hosts their “Book Awards,” where top students (mostly seniors) receive a book relevant to the subject for which they received the award. Anna Grace earned the Strings Award for being the first student to successfully audition all seven years of eligible competition. She was also separately recognized on the cover of the AMIS Update.

Her Physics teacher not only gave her the Physics Award, but a heartfelt farewell hug, too.

And finally, she along with a handful of her peers were honored for overall excellence.

Lots of summer reading ahead!

Then it was Prom!

Two days later, a double-header of an evening. First, her final school performance.

Then the HS Sports Banquet. Our favorite Lady Knight took home the MVP medal in both Basketball and Track & Field.  AND, just as her brother earned the top award in 2014, The Gold Knight, Anna Grace received it this year!

The Lady Knight, by the medal count.

Still more celebrating to do!  The following night was the Senior Dinner, graciously hosted by the American Ambassador. A lovely evening.

Thankfully a “day off” followed. Anna Grace was thrilled to use the day to assemble her graduation gift from Clayton Theodore: the Lego 50th anniversary special edition Apollo 11 Lunar Lander.

And then it was the big day. Graduation at Palais Liechtenstein.

Congratulations, Anna Grace!  Go forth and conquer!