The Final Episode.

Figures. Just a few months before we leave the country, the grocery finally sells edible cottage cheese.

Every week, the grocer more and more resembles an American store.

Except, “Lady’s Cut” would never fly in woke America.

Difficult decisions. I, too, can vapor lock when trying to decide from amongst Ritter’s 30+ varieties of chocolate.

Moving on to my favorite subject. ‘Tis moving season in my posh hood. The moving company for the embassy residence placed the “No Parking” signs on my side of the street because, well, the truck is just a little bit wide. Did that stop the Car 2 Go Asshat from dropping his lift where s/he shouldn’t? Of course not.   

The movers huffed and puffed but could not move the toy car.  Some several minutes later the white truck was able to squeeze through. I could not look away; I had to watch.

Just an adorable Opa riding public.

Speaking of public. Temperatures ramped up to “Summer” over the course of 24 hours a couple of weeks ago. Not all public transportation in the World’s Most Livable City is air-conditioned; and sometimes even when it is the air is not cool enough to be effective.   Wiener Linien thoughtfully posted a Bingo card to help us all manage.

To end. I think that even with the big old American parking spaces I am soon to be enjoying the Austrians still couldn’t get it right. 🤣