Au Revoir! Auf Wiedersehen, Vienna!

The Operation Continental Displacement nexus.

The boxes naturally followed. 236 in all, about twenty fewer than came with us from the U.S.

Anna Grace, though, had a slight better view from Mykonos where she and several dozen newly minted AIS Alum were enjoying a post-graduation holiday.

Jolly and his family left us a sweet farewell note; later in the week Fumiko cut the lavender to share with everyone in the building, just like I used to do. 😢

And soon all that remained was an item for charity pickup and our cases.

In turning the page on this 7 year (and 2 day) adventure, some final thoughts.

Random Stats:

Countries Visited: 44

Austrian capitals visited: 8/9 (Sorry, Bregenz.)

Collective kilometers traveled: more than 1.000.000

The Favorites:

Austrian State: Tirol. ❤️

Viennese Restaurant: We’ll never tell.

Viennese Dish: None of them, if I am to be honest. That accolade goes to Styrian Backhendl (and their salad with pumpkin seed oil.)

Viennese Torte: Esterhazy, hands down.

The “Never While in Vienna” List:

Cafe Sacher. Nope, not even once.

Apfelstrudels Eaten. Just one, because they all contain raisins.

The Sigmund Freud Museum. Must have been a slip.

Total balls we waltzed at: 0

Total twirls on the Wiener Riesenrad: 0

Total operas attended: Does passing by the summertime big screen outside count?


Next stop, Washington, D.C.!