Farewell to the Sunday Grocery Shutdown. You shan’t be missed.

A ginormous homemade “Pop-Tart” with strawberry jam made the house smell heavenly while baking.

A little more effort than I thought they were worth, these peppered pesto pastry puffs.

Bought the Lamb mold in 2013. Made the first Lamb cake in 2019.

Chili-crusted Tofu sticks with Soba noodles. Superb.

Seared Duck Breast Salad with Grapefruit and Yuzu Dressing. Salivating is acceptable.

Soon it was time to clear out the pantry. Viola! Blackberry jam layer cake.

When your home is being packed into cardboard boxes, cooking necessarily becomes a low priority. Hence the curry-seasoned popcorn; cheese and fresh fruit supper. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

A farewell supper at our favorite Austrian restaurant. Backhendl, naturally. The owners wished us well, and assured that our “Stammtisch” would be there when we returned.

We gathered with the two families of Anna Grace’s closest friends for a lovely graduation party on their rooftop terrace. The cake “books” represent the intended major for each girl. Beautiful!

Tony and I enjoyed a much needed long lunch with dear friends at the lovely, lovely Michelin-starred Palais Coburg’s restaurant, Clementine, named for the first princess who occupied the palace. Contemporary history buffs will note this is where the Iran Nuclear Deal was signed in 2015, but our conversation over lunch was thankfully anything but political.

A cold melon soup with cucumbers and Lowenzahn (something like dandelion) to start helped against the heat of a 33C day. My entree, Rotbarsch (a red ocean perch) with strawberry foam, asparagus and couscous was as memorable as will our friendships be.

And then…I flew Austrian’s “Premium Economy” on the inbound. The category is “Business Class Lite,” really with most of the important perks of Business Class but not quite the cost, and totally worth it for 10 hours in an aluminum tube hurtling through space. Do&Co does the catering, so nothing need be written about the food.