Mostly this is about the food.

Tony arrived about a week after I, so naturally an outing with all three of my boys followed. On this weekend day it was to Annapolis, the capital of Maryland and less than an hour from our flat.  We have visited several times previously; this visit was mostly to test drive the new wagon. A short wander about the Main Street first because the day was terribly hot for CTF, then on to the important matter of lunch.

I had read about a little wharf side tavern outside of the touristy area, and it did not disappoint. First up, Fried Pickles. A relative newcomer to the recipe book of the South, these batter dipped and fried spears (and often, slices) have been a classic only since the 1960s. These, in particular, were spectacular. Crispy and light on the outside; crunchy and dill-spicy on the inside.

Perhaps Maryland Hot Crab Dip would not win any culinary aesthetic awards, but that was fine by us. Far and away, the humble saltine cracker was our choice as the dip first mate. Saltine crackers are non-existent in Austria, so FRESH CRAB aside, the crackers themselves were a treat.

Tony and I each went with the Fried Cod, naturally (“East Coast Schnitzel,” we dubbed it); Jack, though, went all out with a Hot Dog topped with Crab, Bacon and Cheddar. Two weeks later, he was still speaking about that lunch.

CTF was totally cool with Fried Cod.

Austria was an incredible country to live in, but nonetheless it is landlocked; so after lunch we walked over to the small beach area to soak in the restorative sea air.

The four-pawed in our group soaked in the sea, literally.

The epicurean delights did not end with lunch. After seven years without, a pile of fresh steamed blue crabs for dinner, too!