The Original Brexit, 1776.

Why yes, I am just a little behind on posting…

Tony and I thought that there would be no better place to ultra-repatriate than the National Mall on July 4th, Independence Day in America. And we were not wrong.

On National Day in Austria the country’s public housing buildings display the Austrian Flag, and many buildings normally not open to the public are available for touring. One can even queue to meet the President, as we did in 2014. There is food and beverage with which to celebrate, naturally, but when it comes to “Spirit Wear,” the Austrians have nothing on we Americans.

Seven years is sufficient time to forget the misery of the humidity of the Mid-Atlantic, and though we were wilting early we made a point to wander past the Vietnam and WWII Memorials. Viewing the Lincoln Memorial was best done from a distance, however, as the area was cordoned for the President’s speech later in the day.

Our nation’s First Amendment right to the freedom of speech was on full display.

We had a fun chat with this couple. They (and their flag) have been to every Presidential Inauguration since 1981, and never miss the Independence Day Parade, either!

Speaking of the parade…flags of our 50 states on display!

This scene made us laugh. The brains behind this “Baby Trump” balloon must be liberal arts majors, because STEM majors would know that a hot air balloon can’t float with high humidity; thus the group was not able to participate in the parade. Hahahahaha.

We lasted in the steamy air longer than we thought, making our way to the White House, always worth the time to visit.

And then it was lunch at the oldest restaurant in Washington, D.C., The Old Ebbitt Grill. Crab cakes and Prosecco toast. Happy Birthday, America!