This had to happen.

Wise friends advised that I, “Begin slowly.” That is, only go to the market for the specific items needed. This advice proved successful. That is, until Anna Grace finally made her way back across the pond and wanted a deep-dive into the American junk food scene.

Our first family dinner was as entertaining as expected.

The following day Anna Grace and I hit the “Big Three:” Target, Trader Joes, and Whole Foods. For those not in the know, Target’s are mega stores selling clothing, groceries, and household items. It is perhaps the ground zero of American mass consumerism.

Honestly, who has time to consider the multiple iterations of products?

The American classic, Macaroni and Cheese, has been bastardized since our departure.

What does this even mean?

No. No, and No. Besides, is this not the “cultural appropriation” that certain groups in America rage against?

Once more, what does this even mean? Does everything in America have to mean something?

The Commonwealth of Virginia is a concealed-carry state. Except where it isn’t. The funny thing is, those who might likely conceal-carry are not wasting either their time or their money (and mostly, the latter) on the high-brow chicy-mhicy products offered up by Whole Foods. But this is America, where everything has to mean something. Honestly, I am just a month in and I am already exhausted with the social justice signaling.

More to the point, who is purchasing oxtails from Whole Foods? Certainly not the woke social-justice-demanding vegans? But if not them, who? I would not purchase this package; the price aside, it’s mostly soup bone material and nothing worthy of a dinner plate.

On our way home I took a brief leave of my senses and we stopped at Starbucks (🙄) for cooling beverages. Perhaps it was the 99F temperature melting my brain. Regardless, I am still quite sure I have no idea what this sign meant, and nor do I to this day.

And when all was said and done…