Down by the sea, by the beautiful sea.

While we may have had to bid Auf Wiedersehen to many favorable perquisites of our Viennese life, wanderlust was not one of them. Home barely three days from the Appalachian adventure, we loaded our newly-purchased and upgraded Thule (to pair with our newly purchased and upgraded Volvo, natürlich); collected Lovely Fran from the airport; and set the GPS for “Sand, Surf, and Seafood.”

Fact. Everyone wants to escape Washington, D.C.

The Scariest Bridge in America. Or in local vernacular, The Chesapeake Bay Bridge. For those frightened by the thought of driving the 17-mile span, there is a “Drive Over” service that will drive you (in your vehicle) over the bridge.

Just about 4 hours later an adorable bungalow in Wachapreague, Flounder Capital of the World would become our base for the next three glorious nights.

Wachapreague is a Machupongi word, meaning…

A celebratory dinner in the town’s lone restaurant, not just because we were by the sea and that we had the good sense to make reservations, but also because Mother’s Day (Anna Grace was studying for IB exams) Father’s Day (Tony and CTF were flying to America), and The Family NCAA Bracket Winner Dinner (Jack) had taken a backseat to more time sensitive matters. That, and we never need a reason to crack open a bottle of bubbly.

Let’s talk about these Eastern Shore Sweet Potato Biscuits. Should be a national culinary treasure.

Squee! Jack and I spared little time in slurping this, “Sea snot in a shell” as the non-believers at our table called them. We paired them, and the remaining courses with a spectacular Eastern Shore varietal having notes of pear and green melon. Mmm.

And then, yes. Blackened Flounder.  If I should ever tire of delicious seafood, it will be time to put me to pasture.

Walking home from dinner we encountered a little traffic.

A half-day along the sea, the beautiful sea, and already our spirits were lifted.