Indeed, George Washington bred the French hounds sent to him by General Lafayette with his own black and tan hounds to create the American Foxhound.  CTF is descended from those Foxhounds; hence his regal name of Clayton Theodore Foxhound III. Thus, a visit to Mt. Vernon was a must, especially because the grounds are so Foxhound-friendly!

“I have no objection to any sober or orderly person’s gratifying their curiosity in viewing the buildings, Gardens, & ca. about Mount Vernon,” said Washington. Americans have heeded that call, for we counted license plates from more than 35 United States (and even one Canadian province) in the parking lot!

On the estate one is free to explore the Gardens, the Farm, the waterfront, Washington’s Tomb; and the Enslaved Cemetery of America’s First President. Lots and lots of history. Photography is prohibited inside the Mansion proper, unfortunately. When I enquired as to the reason why, the docent replied that because so many visitors want to take selfies and other snaps with an empty room that it disrupts the traffic flow. #SelfishSnappers.

The interior of a reconstructed slave cabin. We learned that the stoneware and porcelain dishes were often gifts from Martha Washington to “The Help” that had been long serving or otherwise  exceptional.

Just like being in Europe!  I have not done the math, but it certainly felt that 95% of the time we toured a European city one of their major sights would be under scaffolding. Seems most appropriate that we should find the same upon our return to America.

CTF surveying his ancestral grounds.

The Queen has even visited the home of the man who led the Patriot forces to victory for independence from Britain. Not awkward at all.

Following our 6km roam about, a mostly civilized lunch at the Foxhound-friendly and upscale Mount Vernon Inn before retreating from the heat. (One member of our party was just a little tired after visiting his ancestral land…)

I write mostly because, umm, ewww.  The uncouth man at the table near us took off his flip-flops and placed his bare feet on a chair!

I think George would object to this person gratifying their curiosity.