We’re moving to Tennessee!

The invitation for Tony to present his international experience at ORNL earlier this summer was equal parts meet-and-greet…and recruitment. In July he was offered, and has accepted a position with the lab. Our long weekend visit was quite whirlwind, and though we only had a (fabulous) peek at the city we are excited to call Knoxville our new home!

In mid-September Tony reports to Oak Ridge; and I recently returned from a house hunting escapade in Knoxville. Two-plus long, long days poking around 17 houses. In 95F weather.  The last time I house hunted was 1996. I was 6 months’ expectant with Jack and not really having much fun.

Times really haven’t changed. People do weird things with their houses. Like, carpeting in the bathroom. I could go on.  Though we had fantasized owning an exposed brick loft in the downtown with a small garden and a garage place, a “no worries” kind of home, that just isn’t quite possible. Knoxvilleans live large. So it came down to one of these five. No one house was perfect; each have features we loved and each have features that would require immediate attention.

Consideration of an absurd spreadsheet of the pluses and minuses, and lengthy conversation with Tony afterward…we have a contract in place on one of the houses. In the meanwhile, Anna Grace and I are off to Ireland in a couple of days to settle her into her dormitory; I am staying on a wee bit longer to take in the beauty of the Emerald Isle before returning to the logistical Cirque du Soleil that is our life.  Her Dublin boxes shipped out last week and as of this writing were tracked to Charles de Gaulle airport. Let us raise a Guinness pint to them arriving at Trinity Hall in good order and in good time.

The coordinators of Storage Unit A (what we left behind) and Storage Unit B (the sea freight) are now conversing with the Relocation Team this week, as three separate “Pack and Loads” need to be managed, requiring one of us to be at each of them to review the contents. Won’t that be fun?

Two weeks from today the next chapter begins.