Beating the swampy heat in the chill halls of the National Gallery.

(By the way, D.C., we did not miss this smarmy, soupy weather.) 

Ranking as one of America’s largest art museums, Anna Grace and I caught up with old friends at the National Gallery of Art. Beautiful rotundas! Old Masters! And, Gilbert Stuart’s George Washington!

The only da Vinci in the Americas! Vermeer, Renoir and Van Gogh! And Napolean, too.

My fave, Archimboldo.

One Hundred Flowers and Insects. I could study on this for hours.

Peaceable Kingdom I could hang in my home.

All that art-ing can be exhausting, so following our afternoon dip into the pool we chilled with a total Girl Power film, Hidden Figures. #MomDaughterTime

“We’re three Negro women chasing a white cop in 1961 in Hampton, Virginia! This is nothing short of a God-ordained miracle.”