Reforestation of the Imagination

Summer is rough in D.C. Not only is the weather swampy but there are tourists. Everywhere. When we lived in the area we avoided the National Mall and its summer tourist gloms in the same way we avoided Vienna’s Inner Stadt.

This summer, though, we were more “tourist” than we were “local,” and we embraced our status. Generally each morning Anna Grace and I would catch Metro (still expensive, still running too infrequently) into D.C. to absorb the culture, then avail ourselves of the cool waters of our pool in the afternoon. The best of both worlds.

There are 20 Smithsonian museums with 137 million objects to delight in and explore, with 17 of the museums in D.C. And they are all free, so what’s not to like?

Off the beaten path of the Holy Museum Trinity (American History, Natural History, and Air & Space) is the Renwick. On our short visit to D.C. in Spring 2018 Tony and I dropped in for their Burning Man exhibit and found it extraordinary.

On this day, though, it was an exhibit of an American glass artist known for her lavish sculptures, to which she added the twist of Augmented Reality.  The goal: to create distinct realities to explore. I don’t know whether Anna Grace and I appreciated the nuance, but we did totally enjoy the exhibit.  Enjoy!

Un-augmented glass sculpture. I would definitely put one of these pieces into my home.

Before AR…

And after.