441, in fact. Though, #280 is still MIA.

On the evening prior we attended the opening night series of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra at the historic Tennessee Theater.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing the KSO opening night series repertoire included, coincidentally, The Blue Danube Waltz (from 2001: A Space Odyssey) and Holst’s The Planets, which just happens to be what our darling daughter is studying, another coincidence.  NASA images were displayed during The Planets, taking all of us on a visual and musical journey through space.  The whole evening, from our al fresco dinner in the Market Square to the champagne we were given at the theater (and allowed to take to our seats!) was much needed and most welcome.


Bright and early on Saturday morning we arrived at the new house, with CTF in the lead of course.  No, this is not the local park. It is our property. With nearly all of it groundscaped Tony won’t need a riding John Deere with WiFi and ESPN streaming to mow and watch college football at the same time. Or will he?


Tony checked off the items as they were being unloaded, and I directed the team on box and furniture placement.  CTF was the supervisor.

And then it was nap time for the boys.

Rather disappointingly, though, unpacking all of the boxes tagged, “High Value Fragile” was not a great start to my week.

Obviously an untruth.

A calm and organized cabinet in a calm and organized kitchen. This sparks joy.

This does not spark joy.

A week later there remain a good 200 or so boxes, much of which is either destined for storage and won’t be unpacked; or belongs in one of the children’s rooms and is of a lower priority. My goal is to have the house “together” by Christmas, when both Anna and Jack, and Lovely Fran will be here. I will achieve that goal.