Our first fair, and I suspect it won’t be our last. A big house needs furniture.

A couple of weeks ago the nearby Museum of Appalachia held their annual Fall Antique Festival, providing the perfect excuse for us to investigate. The museum is open-air and we briefly wandered (the antiques were a distraction), but it was intriguing enough for us to purchase an annual pass because we know next-to-nothing about Appalachian culture.

Honestly? We could have been in Steiermark or the western parts of Niederösterreich. A fall festival, complete with animal skins; antlers!; traditional clothing; large wands of drying tobacco leaves and jars of preserved this and pickled that. But with Corn Cob Jelly. The concept is interesting in a waste-not, want-not kind of way (also rather Austrian, because if it blossomed, bloomed or produced fruit the Austrians were all over it for everything from balms to teas to schnapps). I suspect the jelly might be served with biscuits and possibly fried chicken. Something more to investigate.


Old German language books and decorative grapevine trees, too. Are we really in the U.S.?

Obviously only the peahens can read.

And music, not too far removed from Austrian folk tunes though without the beer steins. A great outing!