Goats in the “Hood. And TOE Jam.

A month in, 95% of the boxes that can be unpacked have been, but not until the moving team clears out the boxes and bundles of packing paper stacked in the garage can we declare victory. And perhaps even park our vehicles in the space.

Since I am on the subject, unpacking some things were not what they seemed.

The Supervisor.

Despite the large pillow and the box atop the sofa in the office as a warning to stay off the dog hair magnet very dark piece of furniture, He Will Not Be Denied.

When not supervising or sleeping, staring down the wildlife in the yard fills his days. He is a happy Foxhound.

The dining room is pulling double duty as a storage room for the vases and other objects we purchased overseas until I find a suitable sideboard or cabinet, but Jasper Johns looks rather at home on the wall.

Yes, the chandelier is being replaced. Everything in due time. Or by Christmas, whichever comes first.

Speaking of due time, Dublin Time and Knoxville Time at a glance in the kitchen.

This part of America is liberally dosed with stores selling antiques, primitives, refinished furniture and pretty much everything you never knew you “needed.”  I jest not. The Volunteer State even promotes an, “Antique Trail.”

I waded into something described as a “group” shop in Knoxville, as I unequivocally need a cabinet for the aforementioned trinkets. I did not spy a cabinet, but I did spy a framed General Robert E. Lee. 

Along with T.O.E. Jam from “Das Jam Haus” in nearby Limestone, Tennessee, the birthplace of Davy Crockett. Crockett was a Frontiersman and Tennessee Statesman and, “King of the Wild Frontier.”

The Jam is prepared from Tangerines, Oranges, and Elderberry by a Mennonite family-owned company; hence, the German name. And BTW, the Jam is the jam. So good on buttered toast.

I don’t have any terribly-parked Vienna vehicles to close these anecdotal series, because parking spaces are AMERICAN-sized here. But I have goats in the ‘hood to share. Last week while on the morning constitutional with CTF I noticed a fenced area adjacent to a neighbor’s house.

Upon closer inspection…

A search of our neighborhood social media space informed me that these “Landscape Consultants” (and the baby assistants!) can be rented for short periods of time to help clear property and are permitted by the covenants. I “kid” not, pun fully intended. It’s like a posh version of Green Acres right here in our little corner of West Knox.