I should probably just admit that I am a Birder.

With the house came a large feeder that hangs in the back garden.  Only recently have I begun to take the time to snap my feathered friends, and often through the kitchen window so there are some lens settings to work out. But still, so much fun.

The Red-Bellied Woodpeckers are regulars.

So, too are the Tufted Titmouses.

A Nuthatch and a Sparrow.

Not entirely in focus, though I do like having captured the wings in flight.

Not all visitors to the feeder are birds.

A wintry wonderland greeted us this morning, along with a pair each of American Goldfinch and, I think, Catbirds. This was a first sighting of each for me, so I was rather excited.

Jays and Cardinals, and Purple Finch and Juncos come and go at the feeder, too. I will be stalking them next.