Pit-smoked Texas barbeque since 1941. Yes, I wrote Texas and not Tennessee. 

Our verdict? 4 Ribs out of 4

Dickey’s is a franchise with locations in 43 U.S. States plus 2 in the United Arab Emirates (obviously for the ex-pat crowd).  One Saturday after unpacking way too many boxes we were feeling lazy, dialed up the first barbeque place that would deliver* and ordered the pulled pork and a couple of sides, probably baked beans and slaw, neither of which shine in front of a camera.

Succulent and melt-in-your-mouth, with tangy sauce into which to dip every forkful.

*We’re learning that food delivery is a less common practice than it was even in Vienna. Take-away is huge here but delivery, not so much. Our order went through GrubHub, who totally suck. GrubHub pushed our order out 90 minutes (which is about 89 minutes too long once the hangries set in), and then forgot half of the order!  Tony wound up going to Dickey’s and completing our meal, with apologies and a refund from the Dickey’s staff.

Quite the Southern Hospitality we are learning to appreciate.