I’m living in Jurassic Park.

Late summer, late afternoon. I found the light to be intoxicating.

Along came autumn and its Golden Hour and I was positively tipsy.

And then the leaves fell. More like a hangover now. I used an arborist algorithm online and calculated, based on the number of trees and their approximate canopy width, that between 2.75 and 3 MILLION leaves would land on our property this season. Yeah. We decided that this year our time was worth our money and hired a company to clear the leaves; however, it was recommended that we leaf-blow our driveway to keep from staining the slab when we drive over the leaves and acorns.

You know what? Leaf-blowing is surprisingly cathartic.

Someone left the door open to Canada last week and an arctic blast swept across the eastern half of the U.S. We awoke one morning to a rather colorful outdoor scene.

Another someone was ecstatic to enjoy his favorite winter elixir on the morning constitutional. (Would you believe that schools were on a two-hour delay for this?)

Laughed out loud when I saw this display. Kinder brand chocolates, including this one, were everywhere in Austria. Somehow, though, I don’t see it playing well here in Knoxville.

Wandering down this particular aisle in search of something I paused, and shook my head at first exasperated at the marketing…

…and then ecstatic over the marketing. I so totally bought this for a certain budding astrophysicist to make when she is home for Christmas.

Day and night, his favorite perch.

To wrap up this episode. This prehistoric-sized terror (2 inches) found its way into our home on a Saturday night. On Sunday Tony promptly replaced all the weatherstripping in the windows of the room into where this zombie insect entered.

We have a termite control contract on the house, so I left a message asking for a special pest treatment as soon as the company opened Monday morning.

“Clay” arrived and with his southern charm and adorable drawl assured me, “Ma’am, this ain’t the bad kind of roach. This is the AMERICAN WOOD ROACH (emphasis mine). It don’t bite, it don’t breed indoors, it ain’t going to eat your food. It probably got tossed up by the yard people and crept in through a gap in the window. My son fired up the blower on our deck yesterday and 15-20 of them things ran off.”

Clay treated the foundation and all the lower windows. And then he added for dramatic effect, “These things can fly, too.”

I’m living in Jurassic Park.