The  IJAMS Nature Center is so much more than its name implies. And it is but a 30 or so minute drive from the house, right here in Knoxville!

This 300+ acre wildlife sanctuary/outdoor classroom/quarry/you name it has 19km of trails.

Except for temperatures, I can not think in Imperial units any longer. I have actually missed turns while driving because I can not compute, “Turn right in one-quarter of a mile.” from the GPS. 🤣

On the weekend Jack visited we spent one morning wandering the Tower and River Trails, where we could because there was some damage to the river boardwalk so we had to devise a workaround. But no matter, for the day was sunny and mild.

Two ambassadors at the entrance to the Visitors Center/trailheads. The turkey vulture is Zoe; regrettably I have forgotten the beautiful hawk’s name.

The trail was quite beautiful, with the dappling autumn light and the curved branches.

Along a stretch of the River Trail we discovered a series of faults and folds in the sandstone that occurred some 230 million years ago when the Appalachian mountains were being formed.

How. Cool. Is. That?

Six kilometers later we had wrapped up our wander with no Schnitzel for us, and perhaps worse, no Pommes for CTF. But that is how it goes now.