Tennessee Marble.

Taking advantage of a mild weekend day we returned to Ijams, this time to hike the trail that goes around the quarry lake. Except somehow we missed the trailhead and wound up on another one that was equally interesting if perhaps not as picturesque.

At the start of the trailheads, a local brewery. Yay! We could have a nip after the hike! Alas, though the posted hours read, “Open,” the shuttered window read, “Closed” after we finished our wander.

Prohibitions along the trail. The sheer faces of the limestone create quite the echo canyon; imagine the words a group of hooligans might be tempted to shout.

Ever impatient, this one, to begin his sniff-fest.

The Keyhole Loop trail goes into the quarry, from where this grayish marble was mined and used in NYC’s J.P. Morgan Library (which is gorgeous!) and in Washington, D.C.’s National Gallery of Art.  The “Keyhole”  (at the bottom of the photo) was man-made to allow workers to transit back and forth. I think the quarry is now on the National Registry of Historic Places, too.

Looping back around we passed the quarry lake. In warmer weather one can rent kayaks and paddle about.

And that was that. Just 4km, but decorating tasks around the house were calling…