Nothing could be finer.

Our rain-soaked Saturday gave way to “Sun”day. And what better way to begin this postcard perfect autumn day than with a GRAVY FLIGHT!  Yes, a sampling of gravies to pair with biscuits from a local place I’d discovered whose byline is, Put Some South in Your Mouth.

And we indeed put some south in our mouths.  Five fluffy (and rather large) biscuits ringed with Fried Chicken; Red Eye; Chorizo; Pork; and Venison Gravies, and the Gravy of the Day, a Maple Bacon variety. We all had faves, mine being Red Eye. Plus a side of Pimento Cheese because I love pimento cheese; to me it is like America’s version of Liptauer, which I also love(d).

Thankfully next up was a wander through the center of Greenville and its beautiful Falls Park, through which the Reedy River runs.  We had learned at the Upcountry History Museum that back in the 70’s the Reedy River, which put Greenville on the map was known by its pejorative, the “Rainbow Reedy” owing to the abundance of textile dyes that were being disposed of by the very textile manufacturers that brought economic strength to the area. It wasn’t until the early 1990’s that plans to restore the river and revitalize downtown Greenville gained traction, and not until the early 2000’s before the river and falls were once again the gem of downtown Greenville.

Today The Lorax would be proud. The water is clean (and CTF-approved); the trails are beautiful; and the park on this morning was filling with people.

At the eastern entrance, a Chihuly sculpture!  Once upon a time I was on a site visit in Seattle and missed the opening of the Chihuly Museum by one day. Ever since I take great delight in his works wherever I see them.

Blue Laws seemed to be in effect in Greenville so we had to occupy ourselves for a couple of hours before dropping Jack at GSP for his return flight to D.C. so why not drop in on nearby Spartanburg? We had just enough time to walkabout the tiny downtown, most of its stores and restaurants shuttered as in Greenville. At one end of the downtown a 1990 beige monolith rose 18 stories into the sky…the Denny’s Corporate Headquarters. On the old Woolworth site was a marker describing the Woolworth Sit-In of 1960.  In the park, a small plaque noted that the Marshall Tucker Band formed in the city in 1972. And that was pretty much Spartanburg.


The day was sunny and the air not so cool that we could not enjoy lunch on the terrace of Cribb’s Kitchenette, of the two open restaurants (recall that Cletus was with us). Salads and the local brew for the boys; and a personal-size cast iron skillet of roasted Brussels Sprouts topped with crumbled bacon and blue cheese for me, plus a lovely Oregon white.

We deposited Jack at the airport and routed home. Literally five minutes into our drive he messaged that he had cleared security and was at his gate. In good order we were home, too.

Did we genuinely enjoy the weekend? Weather aside, yes. We came, we saw, we learned, and boy, did we eat! Would we visit Greenville again? Absent a specific occasion, probably not. It isn’t that we didn’t have a lovely weekend, it is that Knoxville has everything Greenville has. We suspect that Asheville will prove similar, but in the name of all things Barbeque we will most definitely collect another data point.