A day hike on a 68F Christmas Eve Day.  Who could resist?

Not our first visit to this most excellent park, just a different trail. The deer were jumping here, there and everywhere! Of course none of us could snap any pictures fast enough, we were so in awe of the fluffy white tails bounding past.

We came across these Dr. Seuss-like spheres, too. Perhaps they are Buttonbush?  

Not too far from the park is The Smoky Mountain Knife Works, billing itself as “The largest knife store in the world.”  Jack is a knife collector (I don’t believe there is an “–ologist” term for such a sport?) so we paid a visit.

The interior was about what we were expecting. Except for perhaps the elephant head.

What no one expected, however, was that I would be the one to purchase a knife!  Behold. 😂

With the Christmas Eve afternoon waning we made our way toward the house, eager to enjoy a light supper and await Santa’s midnight ride.