It may not be Backhendl, but it sure is delicious.

A friend commented that my “Barbecue Briefings” posts are not as interesting as my Schnitzel and Goulash opines from our time in Austria. That is only because said friend has likely not tasted Southern Barbeque. 😉

But there is more to the cuisine in our adopted state than Barbeque. There is Fried Chicken. I have much to learn, and sample, about this dish, which may or may not have its American roots in some scorned lovers story from Middle Tennessee, but I have no doubt my research into the matter will be a tasty endeavor requiring many, many data points.

Dipping our toes into the fryer for the first time, Anna Grace and I sat for a fried chicken lunch at a local purveyor, Myrtle’s Chicken and Beer while she was here. Myrtle’s does not hold any distinction like “oldest” or “original” or anything like that, but we have to start somewhere, no?

And start we did. Fried Pickles that are so far the tops of any I have eaten since landing here. (Yes, of course that is Unsweetened Iced Tea. I can only acclimate so much.)

And then. Hot, crispy fried chicken with corn and beans on the side, plus a little biscuit.

It’s like Backhendl’s cosmopolitan cousin. ❤️