The soda, that is.

A charming temporary exhibit at the East Tennessee Historical Association that “tickled our innards.”  The Scots-Irish who settled in Appalachia had a word for their home brew, but the common slang was, Mountain Dew.

Mountain Dew, in its original formula, was as popular in Appalachia as the Schnapps, Slivovice, and Rakija is across Central Europe.

With the Civil War, Mountain Dew, and those who brewed it, were declared bad actors.

Prohibition tried its best to forever ruin Mountain Dew, but even the “largest dry city in the South”  (our current adopted hometown) wanted a dip of the Dew.

By the by the Hartman brothers sensed an opportunity to market Mountain Dew as a lemon-lime flavored soda with a catchy “Hillbilly” name. Their plan worked.

For better or for worse the soda certainly has a following in its “Mountain Dew Belt.”

Anna Grace and I bought a bottle after touring this exhibit, for completely scientific purposes.The bottle sits in the back of the refrigerator, until such time as we are brave enough to try it.