A delicious cross-posting with Fried Chicken Studies.

East Knoxville is home to many of the city’s older neighborhoods, historic houses, and some mighty incredible eats. Magnolia Avenue is a main artery through this slightly worn area, lined with the detritus of urban renewal projects past alongside the hopeful sign of revitalization efforts present. The neighborhood definitely could use a little boost, but not so much that it falls victim to hipsterifcation. (I know this makes me sound one sentence away from shouting at children to get off my lawn, but the hipster pattern of “urban renewal”–microbreweries, vegan restaurants, and upscale thrift stores is becoming a little tiresome.)

Back to our lunch. One just has to trust the GPS to find the Chandler’s, tucked into what was perhaps first a Taco Bell and then a Mexican restaurant painted pink. Or maybe a pink Taco Bell?

This year marks two decades since the Chandlers, both Mr. and Mrs. opened up shop. The walls are lined with snaps of local celebrities who have dined here; and there is even a congratulatory note from Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander for the restaurant’s 10th anniversary hanging on the wall.

And so we walked in. Ordering is cafeteria style, and the Mr. informed us there was a 12-minute wait for fresh fried chicken. You bet we were waiting.

And then.

No frills. Just piping hot, crispy and deliciously seasoned Fried Chicken. Wouldn’t want to eat this everyday, but on this particular day it tasted like Southern manna. Keep up the good work, Chandler’s.

We’ll be back, once we’ve made the rounds along Magnolia Avenue…