Terrible fotos. Terrific food.

Doing our small part to help keep local businesses afloat, we decided to try lunch from Yassin’s Falafel House, deemed the Nicest Restaurant in America by Reader’s Digest in 2018. Technically Yassin’s is not in East Knox; he has one shop in the downtown and a second out here in West Knox, but both are east of where we live so that counts for me. 😋

A little bit about Yassin:

“Yassin Terou left Syria in 2011 and arrived in America unable to speak English. Seven years later, he’s a pillar of the Knoxville community and has turned his Yassin’s Falafel restaurant into a home away from home for the refugees he employs and for anyone who stops in for a delicious meal.”

Obviously we did not stop in; rather, we did the requisite take-away. Two Chicken Shawarma and Two Falafel. Anna Grace is a minimalist when it comes to her Mediterranean wraps: just the chicken, spicy pickles, and…what’s this? French fries? Behold the goodness.

I, too, am a minimalist when it comes to Falafel. Spicy Falafel tucked in with Tahini, those spicy pickles, and just the proper amount of lettuce. I can not write that it is superior to the handmade Falafel I would purchase in Brunnenmarkt, but it is the most superior Falafel I have had since returning to America. We’re looking forward to visiting the Falafel House in person some day.