I am “Style” and Tony is generally “Labor” when it comes to home improvement projects. Hence, that is why I was the one to apply the layers of Joint Compound on the now tile-free backsplash.

Beautiful afternoons meant plenty of walks in the local park, all of which have remained open. At the risk of becoming political, I think our state Governor has done a good job managing this pandemic. Maybe he could have issued the “stay-at-home” a week earlier, but that’s just Monday morning quarterbacking. What he did not do, thankfully, is go all Grand Tyrant like some Governors and shut the entire state down in the face of a couple of cities being virus “hot spots.”

A bizarro encounter. I walked into the garage to throw something into the rubbish bin and saw at first one dog through the window. I approached and then saw two more furiously running back and forth, obviously chasing something that was now safe (I hoped) beneath my wagon. Eventually they gave up and ran off down the road. Later I saw some commentary on our neighborhood social media page. You’ll note the electronic collar on a couple of them; apparently this rebel pack grew tired of the quarantine and busted through their invisible fence to go have some fun!

We think he makes kibble crop circles just to mess with us.

Why he does this, when there are two sofas; a kitchen rug; a carpeted office room; and his own dog bed to sleep upon, we have not a clue.

Queuing before Trader Joe’s opens. The store has a number of pluses going for it, not the least of which is that they are Trader Joe’s. First, they’re limiting the number of patrons inside; and second, they’re always stocked.  I have been first in line often enough now that one of the clerks knows me by name.

Jack finally got around to organizing the ~16,000 baseball cards he’s been collecting since he was a T-ball player.  Alas, his California flat has barely room for the necessities; his childhood collections will hence remain with us once he is westward ho.

Never let it be said that we are not of four distinct personalities, right down to our burgers and pizza combos.

I would write that CTF is exceptionally well-trained. He is not; he was too lazy to snatch anything from our American Jausenbrot.

Jack and Anna drove up to D.C. mid-week to meet Jack’s movers. They, and we, appreciated a little bit of familial social distancing for those couple of days. And we think that Jack, too, felt like even this baby step is bringing him closer to launching his career.

Week 6 brought with it the exciting and much-welcomed news that nearly all Tennessee State Parks would be opening, with the understanding of course that we all behave ourselves and properly distance. We planned an all day affair for Saturday, hiking and geocaching, and complete with a packed picnic hamper. The fuel efficiency of my wagon lately has been around three weeks to the gallon, so we were really looking forward to hitting the road. Light at the end of the tunnel!

Of course, it rained both Saturday and Sunday. A pajamas-required Planet of the Apes marathon was all the excitement they could muster.

But at least the parks were open once again. The coming week, though, might bring even better news: would the Governor let the “stay-at-home” order expire, freeing us all to slowly begin to pick up where we left off?