We were all excited to leave Knoxville.

Big Ridge State Park was a joint effort in the 1930’s between the Tennessee Valley Authority, National Park Service, and the Civilian Conservation Corps to manage water activity in the area. The resulting recreation area created by the dams and the landscape is massive, allowing us to properly social distance and thus an ideal destination for our first outing post-Coronacation.

I am ~certain~ this barn quilt is part of some branch of the Appalachian Quilt Trail? Another project for another day.

Lush green trails and beautiful views.

Learning all about my Appalachian wildflowers. Virginia Buttonweed. Apparently it’s also an invasive weed, though I find it rather pretty like Edelweiß.

Yellow Trillium, native to the Great Smoky Mountains and surrounds.

Numerous water entries kept the hound (and our youngest hiker) happy on this deliciously warm day.

Snodderly Cemetery, a remnant of early homesteaders lies along one of the loop trails. Not much else is known, alas.

Just 6km, but what glorious steps they were. The only way the day could have been better is if there had been a Hütte at which to enjoy a Schnitzel and Veltliner once we finished.