Not much has changed, really.

We’re still masking-up to go to pretty much the three places we regularly frequent: Trader Joes, Kroger, and Home Depot. Social distancing protocols remain in place. It is at the homestead where the changes are happening, thankfully.

One thing I have noticed is that ~everything~ in our household has somehow become a competition. Who can empty the dishwasher the fastest? Who can stack Starburst candies the highest? (I won this latter challenge. So there, Millennials.) Each day brings forth some new challenge that we are all compelled to participate in. It’s nonsensical, of course, but at the same time I think it’s what’s keeping us sane.

Who can solve Level 26 of Rush Hour Safari? The Engineer, the Biochemist, the Policy Wonk and the Budding Astrophysicist all failed, if you must know.

Sometimes I have to purchase whatever size of a product might be in stock. He looks a little concerned for some reason about the size of his MarroBones bag, doesn’t he?

A beautiful late winter sunrise snap that I overlooked. Now our terrace is leafed-over.

Decision Time. Marble on the main floor and shower floor; Mallorca ceramic on the shower wall. I think it’s going to be Falcon Grey on the walls. The framing is mostly finished as of this writing, so we could be looking at the new bathroom in the next post!

A cease-fire in the great room.

Cooking on the homestead. Teppanyaki Night a la a Raclette Grill was a hit. Anna and I swarmed the Asian supermarket to restock that portion of my pantry and piled the cart with so many goodies we were able to enjoy the grill party the following night, too. Double the fun!

Anna Grace wandered into the kitchen looking for something to do one afternoon. So glad she did. Behold the Dark Chocolate and Espresso Cake with Dark Chocolate Boiled Frosting. Not at all sweet, the cake was devoured in three days.

The alignment of Cinco de Mayo and Taco Tuesday required a family meeting. “Regular” tacos would not do for such an occasion, so suggestions were tossed back and forth until we all agreed that Smoked Chipotle Swordfish Tacos with Mango Jalapeño Salsa it would be.

On The Day a minor crisis developed. The Mango was not yet ripe enough! Rather than delay the celebration, the unanimous decision was made to recruit a pineapple as stand in. Crisis averted.

The weather was delightful so the fiesta was set on the terrace. The tortillas were lightly torched; the Mexican street corn perhaps a little overdressed (we are an enthusiastic bunch when it comes to eating!); the Cotija shredded; and the swordfish seared. We feasted.

The following morning Tony opened the refrigerator and said, “We forgot about the Salsa!” Sure enough, in our excitement not one of us remembered the Salsa! 🤣  So we carried Taco Tuesday into Wednesday, this time with simple grilled chicken. No complaints whatsoever.

Casual WFH Friday. Moments later a coyote ran across the yard. Nobody fazed.

Speaking of phases, Friday ended the two-week “First Phase” of reopening for all but the Nashville and Memphis areas, the two “hot spots” in the state. I don’t quite know what comes next, except that Anna Grace and I will finally get our hair cut in the coming week! Baby steps.