A pre-pandemic trek from early March I had forgotten, but one entirely worth writing about.

The park is situated at a bend along the Nolichucky River, and is considered the birthplace of the famous frontiersman, soldier and statesman. Crockett became a household name fighting Native Americans (aligned with the British) in the Creek War as part of the War of 1812, of course wearing the trademark coonskin cap. He used that “King of the Wild Frontier” image to win the hearts and minds of voters when he was elected to the Tennessee Legislature in 1821, and then to three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. Upon losing a third re-election campaign he pulled up stakes for Texas, where he was presumably captured by the Mexican Army in the Battle of the Alamo. Crockett’s descendants gather biannually mainly to keep his legacy alive.

Sidenote. How awesome is the word, ‘Nolichucky’? Anglicized from a Cherokee word meaning either “spruce tree place” or “rushing waters.” Either works for me.

Driving out. Could be somewhere in Steiermark.

Along the way we spied another barn quilt, ostensibly from a Greene County branch of the Appalachian Quilt Trail, except that the Trail’s web presence leaves a bit to be desired with respect to mapping these quilt blocks. Sigh.

Not too many visitors to the park on this sunny and mild day. Whatever was everyone doing that they could not be outdoors?

At the park there is a replicate cabin of the kind David Crockett’s family would have built. The park is also a living museum, and we had a lovely chat with a docent/caretaker about the family’s history here. The docent also said that he often spends summer evenings in the cabin; he likes the peacefulness of it all.

Wild turkeys. CTF bayed at them; they “Gobble Gobble’d” back at him while we were conversing with the docent. Too funny.

The sheep, however, were intimidated by our wily Foxhound.

Onto the trail.

Somewhere in the Smokies.

The gravesite of William Collett, a 1st Tennessee Calvaryman sits in the park.

CTF blissed out by his post-wander peanut butter sandwich. #NotSpoiled