An unassuming little wander through the campus forest.

Maryville College is one of the 50 oldest in the U.S. and was founded originally as a seminary in 1819 “for the purpose of furthering education and enlightenment into the West.”  

A former slave named George Erskine studied there in 1819; and when the State of Tennessee forced Maryville College to segregate in 1901, the College gave $25,000 (10% of its endowment) to Swift Memorial Institute, the college’s sister school, founded by the first African American graduate from Maryville.

And, in 1875, Maryville College conferred the first college degree to a woman in the state of Tennessee.

There is more. The college’s heating system began as an experiment (burning waste wood) by the TVA and the Department of Energy in 1982 (!) for the World’s Fair that was held in Knoxville.

We just came to wander. The shaded paths were filled with things I like to see, and one slithery thing I do not like to see, even though the Eastern Rat Snake is harmless. I would just prefer that nature stay on its side of the designated trails.😉