The scenery could be Austria, no?

Our verdict? 🍷🍷🍷

Into the northeast of Tennessee for this tasting, part of the Great Valley Wine Trail. The setting is to date the loveliest we have enjoyed.

Only one of their dry whites, a steel-fermented and Appalachian oak barrel aged Chardonnay was available, so we did not indulge in a tasting. Rather, we uncorked a bottle and enjoyed a glass on the terrace with our packed lunch and a small summer sausage plate provided by the owners.

A slightly buttery oak, with a hint of spice? mint? on the finish. Perfectly paired with the breeze coming across the terrace on this 33C day.  Tony and I were feeling a bit Austria-sick seeing the vineyards, I have to write.

The friendly folks at an adjacent table struck up a conversation with us, and before we knew it an hour or so had passed. We are inspired to return in autumn for the gorgeous colors (and a tasting of their dry reds.)