You know it was a good time.

I can not recall how I learned about this event, but with so few in-person events coming across my news feed I eagerly absorb each and every one in the hopes a day on the calendar can be inked in.

The premise was simple.The axe-throwing and alpaca friends got together and schemed, adding the nearby winery into the day outing that began on the eastern fringes of Knoxville. Participation in the time slots was limited to 20 to keep within the spirit of the Tennessee Pledge, our state’s commendable plan for safely reopening.

Axe-throwing is not as ~easy~ as it might look. Anna Grace and I needed a few throws before any of our sharp flying objects would stick into the board at all. Tony, the boasting Eagle Scout had axe-thrown in his youth, but even he needed a warmup. Eventually we all hit bullseyes!

Onto the next stop. Fifteen minutes down the road, though the silty gray air from the Saharan dust storm sweeping up through the Gulf of Mexico (can 2020 get any stranger?) and past barn quilts aplenty, we pulled into the alpaca farm.


The alpacas came running when they spotted the vehicles!

After an informative Alpacas 101 lesson, we were each given a bag of dried beetroot to share with the camelids. Could they be any more adorable?

Anna Grace in particular was smitten; the attraction seemed mutual.

The Great Pyrenees, always on alert.

Have to give a shout-out to the lone Llama in the herd, as well as the other farm friends.

Nearly an hour had passed, and had it not been for our rumbling tummies we may have lingered. Back into the wagon and down the road we continued, passing through places like Wallop Hollow and Tater Valley Road 🤣 (and Luttrell (population 1.074), hometown to two country music stars) as we made our way to the winery.

The Winery at Seven Springs had a lovely tent set up, with each family having their own table. A delicious charcuterie of venison salami and flavored cheeses was set before us, and the tasting commenced. A table wine and a surprisingly refreshing Brut made their way home with us.

Axes, Alpacas and Alcohol. A genius concept.