It’s summer in the South, so every other morning or thereabouts we do an early walk with CTF around Turkey Creek Shoals, barely 10 minutes from the house. This is a reservoir lake and part of the Tennessee Valley Authority navigable 652 mile waterway to Paducah, Kentucky. Rather impressive, I think.

On this particular morning we just missed sunrise, though the snaps are still pretty. The UT sailing team uses this particular lake, though I can’t imagine the boats being under sail power all too often.

Morning fog.

One side of the park abuts a ranch. You know I love walking past these beauties.

My favorite hiking buddy.

New birds to identify!  This is a Least Bittern. Rather common in these parts but still exciting to me.

Another one a few steps later, coming in for a landing.

There are several water entrance opportunities for The Hound along the last half of the loop trail, but make no mistake, he is not a Retriever.

A mentally curative start to the day.