This spectacular little trek was undertaken last month; I’ve just been a bit indolent with the words lately.

Any outing that features bovine beauties is a hit in my book. But we know this.

“Gorge”ous. The overlooks offered sweeping views of the Obed River. The air was fresh, almost intoxicating, and we lingered until the four-pawed became antsy for his wander.

Always in the lead. Never knowing to where he is going. That is life with a Foxhound.

Tell me this does not resemble a fairy castle?


There was more!  An American Blockheide!

An ideal outdoor arena to practice Bouldering, too.

A first sign of the changing seasons.

Lunch was something Not Schnitzel, and then we motored home, pausing along the road to allow the chickens to cross.