To quote Audrey Griswald, Maximum Quaintness.

Wears Valley is a scenic area running parallel to our side of the GSM, its gently winding roads sprinkled with antique shops and general stores and all things country. While driving through one weekend to avoid the constant chaos of the “Parkway” we spied several signs announcing their fall festival. Being at Round 14 of┬áflattening the curve┬áand┬áslowing the spread by this point, any event that has not been canceled or gone virtual is worth a second look, and this was soon penciled on the calendar. Bonus points for it being outdoors, meaning that CTF was welcome.

That particular Saturday was suede boot weather, the first of the season. Useless trivia for you: this is the one and likely only thing I have in common with the Duchess of Cambridge; she and I both own a pair of suede boots that we have had more than ten years.

We set out not knowing whether this would be a large or small festival, only that an early start was probably a good idea. In fact, it was. I dropped Tony near the entrance to the field and parked the wagon somewhere in the back forty to meet him. Upon our departure the traffic queue to park in the field extended a few kilometers.

The backdrop could not have been prettier.

Easily 100 vendors with their wares tempting me; after walking together a bit my boys were all too happy to wait out my wandering.

Not my style, but quite a popular one around here.

As with our outings anywhere, the better the food offerings the more fun we have. Expecting the standard barbecue fare (not that there is anything wrong with that), we were ecstatic to find a Latin food truck included in the mix!

Look. at. this. menu.

Two Samplers, Please.┬áThe Salte├▒a, on the top, a baked treat filled with chicken and a sweet and spicy sauce of olives, raisins and potatoes; up front, the Empanada Venezuela, similar to the Salte├▒a but prepared with corn dough. In the back, the Empanada Bolivia, a fried version of the Salte├▒a. Beneath were the mozzarella sticks, which did not “wow” but were still quite tasty. Paired with the warm sunshine and the great feeling of being outdoors doing something, the whole outing was hands-down a treat.

Speaking of treats. Not only did CTF reap the crumbs of our Samplers, but hugs and kisses from a Little, too. Not that he is spoiled or anything like that.

Sunshine. Suede boots. And Salte├▒as. Dare I write that 2020 may finally may be looking up?