Autumn, Sundials, and Home Improvement.

We were able to snare the contractor back before he became engrossed in another project, it being the Sun Room’s turn. This is “Before,” a snap from the listing for the house. Originally we were quite excited about having a spa and used it frequently during the colder months. However, with windows on three sides the room is a beacon for afternoon sunshine, so after living with the space a year we decided to remove the spa and make it a four-season room.

Easy-peasy, right? Just remove the spa and the flooring, and replace with new flooring. Purchase furniture and have it delivered the day after the work is complete. Viola! Instant Four Season Room!

You might see where this is going. This spa depth was 38 inches; the door frame, 36. A perfectly working spa had to be Sawzall-ed into pieces for removal.

The next question is naturally, How did the previous owner get the spa into the room in the first place?

Simple. They first installed the spa into the deck that had originally extended off the Great Room, then at some point later enclosed the deck, not thinking about having to remove or replace the spa in the future. This being the year that it is, I would not have been surprised to find either a pot of gold or a dead body beneath the room. No luck on the former; and most thankfully, none on the latter.

While the guys were doing their thing I was busily seeking furniture. Not wanting to purchase anything Made in China I had my work cut out for me, ultimately prevailing with a label that provides the resort furniture for Biltmore Estate, the country estate of one of America’s great industrial families just down the road in Asheville, North Carolina.

The new and improved Sun Room. But where is the furniture? you might be asking yourself.

Owing to the pandemic and the shutdown of non-essential facilities, the Sun Room will not be graced with the furniture I selected until the middle of January 2021. So, we brought the furniture from our terrace to stand in such that we might not have to stare wistfully at an empty room with the neighbors we invited over for a Dark & Stormy cocktail party on Election Eve.

The ceiling fan had to go, too. A 1990s bright white spotlight that I could not even give away for free on NextDoor. 

Did I write 1990s? In deconstructing the fan Tony shared with me the flip-side of the fan paddles. Whoa.

Much, much better.

We’ve got acorns. Thousands of acorns. Even the powerful blasts from the leaf collection team’s blowers can not budge them and so we have had to rake and bag them. Folklore holds that a year abundant in acorns is Mother Nature’s way of telling the squirrels and other hibernators to fatten up, as the winter will be long and cold. So 2020.

On the topic of leaf collection, the first pickup was a month ago. Waist deep was the team.

Garden & Gun cover model for the Foxhound Hibernation issue, don’t you think?

When not modeling, he serves as our sundial. This is the late morning hour.

And this is early afternoon.

CTF is also a Kibble Artist in his spare time.

A 2020 Meme along our driveway. How it Began.

How It’s Going

Finally, as we head into the holidays with plans unlike in years past, scenes like this one from our terrace a couple of nights ago are inspiring.