Always leading. Never knowing to where he’s going.

With my guy improving daily, we took advantage of a (short) sunshiny morning wander along a pretty, pretty trail here in Knoxville on a recent weekend morning.

Baying into the quarry.

Happy to hear his voice echoing off the quarry.

Autumn can be so gorgeous.

The cave you can see in this snap has been closed to protect a particular salamander species. Nice.

Limestone boulders. I would like a pile of them on our property as decoratively arranged as these.

A fairy castle.

Fun Fact: The freshwater jellyfish in this lake are the only known freshwater species in the world! The algae bloom is a good sign that the lake is clean and so the little Craspedacusta sowerbii can do their thing.

Though we love and appreciate the numerous opportunities for wandering in and around Knoxville, we very dearly miss the Almen und Hütte, where we could rest and regenerate with a Schnitzel and a Veltliner after said wander. No such luxury here, alas.