In a year without travel, unwrapping the ornaments for the tree brought joy and fond memories.

A scaled down Tannenbaum. But only because we decided to put the tree in the newly renovated Sun Room, which would have been overwhelmed by our usual Christmas Vacation-style Fir. Still, quite beautiful. 

Thoughtful friends sent us the 2012 White House ornament, the year we bid D.C. Auf Wiedersehen.

A Hundertwasser Haus style ornament, our first purchase from the exceptional Spittelberg Christmas Market in Vienna.

Of heritages, Polish and Irish. Christmas 2015 was spent in Cracow; hopefully Christmas 2021 will be spent on the Emerald Isle.

Cardinals are the state bird of the Commonwealth of Virginia, where we lived. Of course there are a few perched in the branches.

Along with Woodpeckers, our first purchase from the famous Wiener Kristkindlmarkt. This being the most touristy market in Vienna, the stall owner was memorably gruff about people touching the ornaments. Once we decided to purchase several, though, she became as sweet as that favorite Oma who always has a warm plate of Powidltascherl ready whenever you visit.

A nod to my home state, and to where Tony and I met on the Ann Arbor campus of our alma mater on a frosty December afternoon. Fun fact: the Petoskey Stone, Michigan’s State Stone, is a fossil!

If you’ve lived in Vienna you know what a hoot the MA48er’s are. They are the city’s A-Team with respect to trash and recycling, but with a hefty dose of humor and goodwill. Never did CTF and I walk past a crew member without there being a biscuit proffered for His Majesty. The world needs more MA48er’s.

Straw ornaments, German in origin, and believed to be linked to the Baby Jesus being born in a bed of straw. I love them. The artistry is exquisite. This is one of several we purchased in the Munich and Nuremberg Christmas markets.

Another nod to the Emerald Isle, with this TCD ornament Anna Grace brought home last year.

One of six (I counted) ornaments purchased from what became a favorite Christmas market, in an old Hapsburg villa out in Niederösterreich.

This handmade cutie is from Kiev. Like a second piece I purchased, both have a light, sweet cocoa scent, though I do not recall why that is. 

I could go on and on, but at the risk of overload I shall end with the newest additions to the Christmas Tree Family. 🎄