Home improvement. Because, what the hell else is there to do?

Who’s a good boy at the Home Depot?

The settee arrived! I’m playing with the terrace furniture and arrangements until I decide on the next piece. The afternoon sun streaming in warms the room beautifully, making it the place to be for the all-important pandemic cocktail hour. Lazy Sunday afternoons also work well in this room, just saying.

This is a wide-angle of our “Bonus” (or “Flex”) room from the original listing, whatever vernacular you prefer. So very much beige going on.

The Sellers replaced the carpeting above with crap that is made from recycled yogurt cartons or something. While I appreciate the nod toward the environment, the carpeting is awful and its color is awful, but it will be the very last to go because who wants contractors stomping on wool berber, right? That aside, the room is almost a perfect space for the two of us to maintain our alpine-hiking lifestyle vis a vis NordicTrack. A team is on the schedule to repaint all of the house trim and doors from Sackcloth Beige to Swirling Water. Only then will we be knocking on the door of perfect.

Driving through the ‘hood, our neighbors had their house repainted before the holidays. Poor Snowman looked like a kidnapping victim whilst the painters did their thing.

More neighborhood. Our immediate neighbors had this ginormous inflated Santa in their yard for the previous two holiday seasons. We witnessed enough “Santa Down!” this year to suspect there might be an issue. At roughly $500 a pop, though, this is expensive trash.

An 18C January day can only mean a walk around, and in, the lake.  With a nap to follow.

Sunrise and the Smokies from the high point in our ‘hood.

Sunrise from the shore of the lake near our ‘hood.

Back to home renovation. This is a peek at our main level water closet. Yes, it does appear that Laura Ashley threw up in this room.

The two of us put our STEM minds together and determined we could easily renovate this room. Paint covers a multitude of 1990’s sins; and otherwise it’s just a fixture swap, right?

Out with the old and in with the new.

Two coats of Calligraphy on the walls and it was a brand new room. The new commode went in without a hitch.

Foiled. The pedestal arrived broken, so we are on hold until the replacement piece arrives.






















To close. With the main level water closet nearly finished, supplies for the next project are waiting in the garage!