The Robins have arrived en masse.

Slightly migratory, these feathered friends and their hundreds of compatriots are everywhere lately. The temperatures here are just right for worming, and so they have settled in. By the hundreds.

The Carolina Wrens, meanwhile, are mistaking this feeder for an airbnb with complimentary daily Mealworm refreshing.

Bluebirds being Bluebirds.

A few new friends. The White Throated Sparrow.

A Thrush, I believe, though the tail seems a tad short for a proper identification.

The Dark Eyed Junco. They blend in so well with the winter backdrop that my camera does not know where to focus; hence the blurry snap.

Not all those with feathers who land in my garden are friends.

Ending on a forlorn note. A few weeks ago while Tony and I enjoyed glasses of wine after dark around our fire pit, we caught the glint of a coyote’s eyes as it scurried across our garden and into the woods. Nature can be magnificent, we thought.

This snap is from last week in our back garden, in the broad daylight of a late morning. The poor thing obviously has mange; I can only hope that he has found a safe and warm space within which to end his days as one of God’s creatures. Tennessee has year-round “open season” on coyotes, so my hope for a peaceful end of days is, alas, slim.