Not just renovations. We went to the theater!

Leading with the good stuff. The Knoxville Symphony has begun allowing (last year’s) season ticket holders to attend IN-PERSON performances as of earlier this month. Seating is at reduced capacity and socially distanced; masks are required; and alas, there are no concessions. But still, IN-PERSON!

My dress clothes wept tears of joy when I removed them from the wardrobe. I too wept tears of joy that after a year wearing entirely casual apparel that my dress clothes, ahem, had not shrunk. 😉

I had been steadfast in refusing to take selfies while masked, as I desire there be no visual evidence for posterity of the year which shall not be named, but the excitement of dressing up and enjoying an evening out washed over me and I couldn’t resist.

On this weekend before St. Patrick’s Day the abbreviated KSO performed Celtic music,  joined for a few pieces by a well-known local Irish band. A lovely, lovely evening.

On the subject of COVID. I don’t have the coronavirus antibodies (like Anna); and I am neither law enforcement (like Jack) nor a first responder (like Tony), both of whom have been vaccinated. What I am is totally freaking over the pandemic and all of the political B.S. surrounding it. So, rather than wait until “my turn” for the vaccine I began calling local pharmacies and inquiring about unfilled time slots. I found one at a pharmacy 20 miles away and got my first jab a couple of weeks ago, booking my second jab as well. Good on me. On the way home I stopped at the bookstore. It’s time to dust off the passport and plan a holiday.

There is a social media site titled UPS Dogs filled with delightful snaps of happy dogs (and on occasion goats and bunnies) waiting for their treat from the UPS driver. With all of the renovation work going on here over the past year we, and Cletus have gotten to know our UPS driver. One sunny afternoon he obliged my request for a photo, which I promptly sent to the UPS Dogs site.

About three weeks later I was scrolling my social media…

More than 6,000 “Likes.” 🤣 The comments were the best!

Moving along to a topic that has occupied considerable space on the blog.

This was the upper level hall bathroom. Oh, indeed that is carpeting and pink paisley wallpaper on this photo from the Sellers profile. When the Habitat for Humanity crew came to collect the vanities and fixtures one of the guys remarked, “We’ve been here before, haven’t we?” Hard to unsee all of that 1989, I get it.

Nary a hitch or a glitch throughout the project, and in no time at all we had a beautiful new guest bathroom. (I eventually took the protective wrap off the vanity knobs, yes.) In the left mirror is a glimpse of the shower, done in a similar Carrara marble to the vanities. The mirrors were a grand find, I think.

The cabinets were delayed a little bit; and as anyone who has had contractors in their house knows, you never let the contractor take a fill-in job outside your home. Surely there was a small project I could find to tide the contractors over, no? Absolutely.

Meet the Ugly Duckling of the house, the Laundry Closet. Beige walls and linoleum (!); a strangely positioned curtain rod; and a throwback ironing board closet. Full disclosure: our ironing board is still in the moving wrapper. From 2012.

The guys worked their magic during the delay on the vanities. A transformation this magical for the most under appreciated space in the home deserved nothing less than a glam light fixture, naturally. Since this snap the bi-fold doors were upgraded to six-panel, and modern Metro shelving was added. Almost makes me wish I had more laundry to do.

Since Tony and I were on a roll, why not hire a crew for a whole house paint? Yep. Painters Here, Painters There, Painters Everywhere. And one concerned Foxhound over the disruption to his 26 hour daily nap.

Five days, a crew of seven and fifty+ hours later, the moulding, trim, doors and windows are now high-gloss white, and the main walls are a soothing grey.  It’s like a brand new home.

The (Sellers photo) entry, B.C. (Before Color)

Pre-After. The furniture had not been moved back into place yet.

After a solid month of contractors tromping about, the house has spent the last week in a peaceful slumber. So too has CTF.