I know, I know. It seems as if all I’ve been doing is cooking and renovating. Or more accurately, stepping in as general contractor while the real contractors do the renovating. The reality is somewhere in between.

Products that even Don Draper couldn’t sell. My closest grocer has decided to rearrange the store. This means I now spend twice as many minutes wandering about in search of needed items. All I can write is, Yabba Dabba Gross.

The Chik-fil-A cult following is strong here.

With temperatures decidedly spring-like, lighter suppers on the terrace are called for. This vegetable and prosciutto “pie” has been in rotation for several years, and never fails to bridge a sunny and warm day with the cool of a late winter evening.

Bidding the winter squash Auf Wiedersehen with this roasted salad that includes radicchio and sheep cheese. And a healthy dose of chili flakes.

Spicy Kimchi and Cheddar Swirls on the terrace for Happy Hour. Now it’s Spring.

In the category, “Tastes Better than it Looks,” a 20-garlic clove and goat cheese tart. The garlic was first caramelized with balsamic, a most delicious pairing.

Wrapping up, apparently Focaccia Art was a trend during the peak of the pandemic. I’ve never been trendy, or even aware of most trends so it is not in the least a surprise that I “discovered” bread art only last week.

My feelings? Bread art is more challenging than it looks. And, I kinda don’t get the point. This first loaf was fun, certainly, but not enough fun relative to the time spent creating.

I went simpler with the second bread. This one was paired with a green salad and a delicious Pinot Gris for dinner. The loaf above was deconstructed and toasted into bread crumbs.