First wander of 2021

January was gray. February was drippy. And March weekends were filled with trekking…to the Home Depot to add the finishing touches on this next-to-final phase of renovation. Friends visited for a long weekend in April, and in between we gave Tony’s new-and-improved hip a little 4km workout on a cheery Saturday.

Lots of the usual in this post, like the usual terrible through-the-windscreen snap of the mountains. We’re fine with this, because it means we are NOT AT HOME.

Because I like cows.


Always leading, but never guiding.

This poor little flower is named Fleabane. Used by Cherokee for medicinal purposes, it is now considered a native weed.

They say there is a shortage of housing across the non-coastal parts of the country, as people left the dense urban areas during the pandemic. The same seems to hold true for this Swift family who had to make their home in a ramshackle box.

Speaking of swifts. With CTF along on the wander I had not expected to see any songbirds. Love their shiny blue feathers.

Part of the trail crosses a small creek, so you know what that means.

The beautiful, and potentially dangerous, Clinch River.

On the subject of dangerous. JK. It’s just a Black Snake sunning itself, entirely harmless to humans. Though, I do dislike snakes. A lot.

Eastern Tent Caterpillars, I think?

Hope they read the sign before wading in.

Why is this section of the river dangerous, you ask? Probably has something to do with Norris Dam just a hundred meters or so away.  🤣  Built in the 1930s, the dam was the first project of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and named in honor of the governor…of Nebraska, apparently a big fan of government-owned power. The structure is on the National Register of Historic Places, too.

One of the draws to this particular wander was a doggo-friendly brewery at which to grab some lunch. Almost like a Hütte.

Darned good wings; and even darned good-er Gaelic Ale to cap this inaugural post-surgery wander.