One very determined little Pine Siskin!

It began simply enough. I was in the kitchen and heard a scratching sound coming from the great room, so I walked in and looked around. On the window ledge was this little bird.

I snapped away as the little bird unsuccessfully tried to come into the house. Eventually I shuttered the window and the Siskin flew off unharmed.

My first ever sighting of a Scarlet Tanager. Terrible photo, I know. I spotted the birds from the upper level window (they prefer the higher tree canopy) and raced downstairs to fetch the camera, not taking time to attach the telephoto lens.

Prime location. One very smart Mama Robin.

We have roughly 84 trees on our acre (maybe a few more, maybe a few less. I don’t really know where the line is between our home and the neighbors, who also have many trees) yet the best avian real estate appears to be the boxwood wreath on the “Man Door” of our garage.

Until this weekend we had been opening the door with caution, as the Purple Finches that constructed a home would flutter off rapidly, startling both human and bird. On Sunday, while outdoors, Tony heard chirping and quickly snapped when the Mr. and Mrs. weren’t home. BABY FINCHES!

With a Wren family still living on the front door wreath, and now the Finches on the “Man Door” wreath, for the next couple of weeks we are resigned to either raising the garage door whenever we need to exit the house, lest we disturb all of the fledglings. 🥰