Brood X has emerged!

We lived in D.C. during Cicada Tour 2004. Our home was in an established neighborhood with numerous mature trees; and at peak emergence, especially at night, we could literally (and I do know how to use the word) hear the rustling of cicadas emerging from the ground, with little holes the tell-tale evidence the following day.

Cicada Tour 2021. Same story, different time and place. One doesn’t have to wander too far beneath one of the 80+ trees on our acre to spot this scene.

Rising like a phoenix from the ashy rubble before it. Or, the makings of a horror movie right here in our yard.

Cicadas in the nymph stage to insects are like oysters to humans: soft and slurpy. I don’t know if this one made it to adulthood.  Any and all of God’s creatures with digestive systems have been feasting for the past week or so on the cicadas; I haven’t even had to refill the bird feeders!

Guess we know which part of the cicada is the tastiest.

Have I mentioned that the cicadas are Every. Where? And it’s only early May.