There are a few hundred late-comers buzzing around, but the din is softer and birds are returning to my feeders.  Cicada Tour 2021 is near its end.

At peak cicada, the ground beneath our mature trees resembled imploded pork rind factories. When our lawn guy arrived and fired up the leaf blower, great clouds of swirling exoskeletons lofted into the sky.

Pulling into the drive one day. I hurriedly parked the wagon and ran back outside with my camera. Inside each red circle is a cicada in one of its stages.

Here, there and everywhere.

The only way this snap would have been any more awesome is if a bird had come in for the slurp just as I clicked.

Seventeen years to get the development order right, and they still failed. 🤣

Nearly all of the cicadas are now high up in the tree canopy, calling for mates.

Eggs will hatch in the tree grooves and the young cicadas will make their way underground to do their cicada thing for the next 17 years. The buzzing resembles an energy pulse, don’t you think?

Until 2038!