Cleaning up the photo files.

One from late winter. “Handicapped” about sums it up.

Lord of the Flies, the Backyard Bird version.

Eastern Box Turtle doing its thing on our terrace. I don’t know why, but I never expected to see turtles on the property.

The Toad and the Hound, a Hampton Roads remake of the classic tale. Just how did this (second) toad wind up in our kitchen? Well, on mild mornings we would open one of the kitchen windows to enjoy the fresh air along with our coffee, and that particular window had just enough of a gap for these little green ninjas to slip past. Like the other one, this fellow was quickly repatriated.

My last “home cooked” meal in Knoxville, at the extended-stay. Langoustine Pasta in a Garlic and White Wine Sauce.