A little slice of America, complete with a downtown on the National Register of Historic Places.

Small town festivals can be a hoot. Our travels overseas found us at festivals ranging in size from 50 persons (a little tomato festival somewhere along the Czech-Austrian border) to the massive gatherings like Barcolana in Trieste and Oktoberfest in Munich. I don’t recall us having a bad time at any of them.

In my continual quest to enjoy the weekends sans masks, I stumbled upon the little town of Remington’s 39th annual Fall Festival. Immediately I knew that a longstanding festival warranted investigation. So we piled into the wagon and set out.

Remington was once namedĀ Rappahannock Station after the railroad was established.Ā Rappahannock is Manahoac Indian for “River of Swift Rising Waters;” the river that brought commerce to the area. It goes without saying there is also Civil War history here. You might think that after two decades of living in the South I would have developed an interest in the Civil War, but you would be wrong. I know the major players for both sides along with a few pieces of trivia (“Traveler” was Robert E. Lee’s horse’s name; and the battle between the Merrimack and the Monitor was the first between iron clad warships–don’t ask me why I know these things), but this war doesn’t really capture my attention.

DefinitelyĀ outside of Northern Virginia. No masks. No identity politics. No virtue-signaling.

Just a bunch of people having a good time.

Given where we were, several people recognized Giroud as a Foxhound. Our favorite comment by far was from a gentleman who asked,Ā “Shouldn’t he beĀ runnin’ a ‘coon?” šŸ¤£Ā If only he knew.

I think this performer hails from Remington and is now in Nashville working on an album.

The Virginia Herpetology Center was on hand to share the love of reptiles and amphibians with all those interested.Ā The little turtle was my favorite, though I was permitted to only “look” and not “touch.”

A brave young budding herpetologist petting perhaps an Eastern Hognose Snake?

Nothing to see here in the tent. Just a regular old Kingsnake chilling. šŸ˜¬

A couple of freelance herpetologists walking around. šŸ˜¬šŸ˜¬

The Mayor of Remington, a retired IBM guy. Makes total sense.

Along the way home, a hilarious sign at the gun shop.