A long weekend on the beach.

Before The Move, and before Anna Grace flit back across the pond to begin her internship, we took a long weekend to the closest beach we could reach in a half day’s drive, Virginia Beach.

I know what you’re thinking. “Why on earth would you spend a weekend on the Mid-Atlantic’s Redneck Riviera?” 

While it is true that Virginia Beach was once a spring break hotspot with drunk and tanned skinny girls on every hotel floor; and storefronts brimming over with t-shirt boutiques and beach tchotchke, the city grew wise and pushed toward a more family-friendly environment a few years ago. For our purposes of sand and sun, thus, Virginia Beach fit the bill.

We secured a darling cottage just a couple of blocks from the beach to call home. Each day began with Mother Nature’s sunrises, and ended with seafood. Doing this every day would never get old.

This little gem, the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art awaited us after we’d absorbed all the Vitamin D we could (fully sunscreen-ed, of course) one day.  Maya Lin, the architect of the Vietnam Memorial in D.C. when she was 21 (!), created “A Study of Water: Marble Chesapeake & Delaware Bay.” More than 50,000 marbles were used by her team to visualize these important waterways.

A second piece by Lin, Silver Chesapeake, was created in 2009 from recycled materials and was equally as thought-provoking.

To my great delight, tucked into the atrium of the museum was a Chihuly sculpture!  This one is, Mille Colori, 14-feet in length and comprised of 520 separate blown-glass pieces.

Mostly our days followed the pattern of sun and sand on repeat.  Nothing wrong with that.


On our final beach day, though the appearance of a Sandbar Shark had everyone excited. Apparently the Chesapeake Bay is one of the most important nurseries on the East Coast for this threatened species; and in particular, the Virginia part of the Bay. Someone along the pier happened to catch one and needed help rehoming Jaws.The brave guy in the photo unhooked and hoisted the juvenile back into the surf, where it can grow up to become an apex predator. 🤣

And that was our long weekend. Finding the words to write this post took a ridiculous amount of time, more than two months! Then I realized that there was no need to wax poetic about the holiday. We sunned, we sand-ed, we seafood-ed, and returned home relaxed and ready for the challenges awaiting us in the summer ahead.